What we do?

Our activities focus, above all, on offering educational, cultural and informative services to our associates. ACET collaborates with the rest of the educational and cultural community for the improvement of the sector.


Exchange of information and resources between the associated schools.

Organization of training aimed at teachers of theater schools (pedagogical days, training on emotional management in classrooms, prevention of abuse, training and job guidance, etc.)

Collaboration with various educational and cultural entities and institutions in the organization of trainings, festivals and events, such as RBLS APOSTA_Show fair for young people in Catalonia, World Theater Day for Children, World Theater Day, Xarxa Muses, etc.

  • Networking with:
    Theater schools and performing arts training from the rest of Spain.
  • Art education associations: XECC, ACEM, Aeda, Emipac.
  • Associations of the performing arts sector: APCC, APdC, TTP, El Col.lectiu, Ciatre, Network of producers, Network of distributors, etc.

Elaboration, together with the Dep. of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the XECC (Xarxa d’Espais de Circ de Catalunya) of the new decree that regulates education in theater and circus.

Higher Degree Training Course in Theatrical Acting Techniques.